To Participate, Or Not To Participate... That Is The Ethical Question

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"I have a favor to ask of you. Would you please fill out this dental survey for your awesome dentist? But I have one request . . . if you feel you cannot give him all 5 stars, please do not fill out the survey but instead email us your opinion. Constructive feedback is very good and he promises no (additional) pain at your next appointment. :-) I'm starting this with family and then will send to other patients.

This is what you need to do:

Google: Peter J Shore, DDS
Then click on
Patient Surveys for Dr. Peter J ...

Thank you so much for your time and help! We greatly appreciate this. (Be forewarned, I may pass on more surveys as I find them.)

Nancy J Shore
Shore Family CFO and Assistant Director of a whole lot of nothing :-)

Above is a survey I received from my aunt regarding my uncle/dentist. If I take anything away from this class, it is gaining an understanding the importance of ethics in research. When I received this email I followed the link to a popular website used for ranking healthcare professionals and their practices. Based on what I have learned in this class about research ethics, I knew that filling out the survey would reflect my bias due to my familial relationship with my uncle. While before I might have filled out the survey believing that it could only benefit my uncle, I now understand how my participation in the survey would only skew the results.

Additionally, I found my aunts mention of how we should not fill out the survey if we do not feel he deserves all five stars to unethical. While I understand my aunt's intention to help my uncle and build his reputation, I don't believe that she should have gone about it in that matter. Rather, his reputation should be able to stand on its own and not rely on biased input.

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