September 18, 2006

sensory circus

As recently assigned in my Arch 1701 class, i visited the Midtown Public Market. What i found there was an incredibly place that appealed to all senses, as well as created an incredible amount of energy. Here, energy is everywhere, so much so that you can actually feel it. A sense of excitement and joy is felt everywhere here, a sense created by many small elements, but when combined creates an incredible environment. There are many elements there that create this energy. The colorful and unique variety of people, the vibrant colors and alluring odors, as well as the hussle and bussle of a large gathering of people combine to create this special feeling. Not only is vast amounts of energy created here, it is also used and exchanged. Energy is used in a variety of ways, but it is best illustrated by the local vendors. The vendors use high amounts of energy in order to sell their products as well as interract with the buyers. However more important to the energy that is used here, is the energy that is exchanged. A good way to illustrate an exchange of energy is this; Imagine a small child buys a toy here at the market. the vendor and the child therefore exchange energy, the vendors energy is felt through the excitement of making a sale, while the childs energy is felt through the excitement they feel from getting a new toy. The primary other way energy is exchanged here is via the senses. energy is exchanged through the tastebuds as one bites into a fresh pastryand energy is felt through the sense of smelling a fresh beautiful rose. The entire amount of energy at the Midtown Market is enormous. It is a very special place, that is just as alive as the colorful people who inhabit it. I definately think it merits a visit.