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News Game Project blog launch

I created this blog three years ago...and never posted. But in the past five years there has been a good deal of activity (both here at the U and in the world of game development) and I realize the discipline of keeping a blog updated with fresh developments will keep me organized and focused. I've long been a believer that even a blog that no one reads is a great archiving tool of thoughts, resources, links. So now it is time to move from believing to doing.

The News Game Project blog will provide updates about the projects my colleague Kathy Hansen and I have worked on with our Knight News Challenge grant and the "Topic Tiles" project the clever Aaron Westre has been developing for us.

I'll point out research relevant to the area of games focused on news content or journalism and to the people who are creating those kinds of game experiences.

This will also be a place to follow the planning of the News Game brainstorming session we will be having at the University of Minnesota on March 11 - 13. More about that later.

This blog will have short little blasts, and longer think pieces. I hope you will help me keep the energy going through your own observations, links, and ideas. Here we go...