pilgore's encounter

puppetry performance using audio scrubber software patch created in max/msp 5. performed december of 2009 in rarig's xperimental theatre.

le petit prince

a toy theatre adaptation of le petite prince created and performed by david t steinman in march of 2010. reading of the story by nathaniel nesheim-case.

curious connections

some clips from the opening night presentation of curious connections

special thanks to panderton for the video

sound gesture demo

something i've been workin on lately...

performed using accelerometer data from an iPod Touch attached to my hand, processed with a patch I made using MAX 5 software. thanks to andrea steudel for footage

Black Box in the Streets of Fargo

Minneapolis Art On Wheels roving projections in the streets of Fargo and at Plains Museum by davey_t and the Black Box.

Fargo Photos

MAW out on the town in Fargo, ND.

On the Road to Fargo

MAW goes on the road to Fargo in search of the Plains Museum.

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