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MNIC – Week 2

Tutoring today was a little different than last week. After the first class, I was afraid I wouldn’t have anything to write about. It was a pretty uneventful class. Although, when I came in, there was a “throne?-like chair that they told me to sit in. (It wasn’t really a throne, but it was a cushy chair, unlike the desk chairs everyone else sits in.) Anyway, Hassan (the teacher) told everyone that I would be helping in the class like I do every week. But this time, he told people to come over to me if they had any questions. Most of the time I walk around the room and help whoever needs it. Because he said this, I ended up helping the same person the whole time. She came over and sat by me and had me go through her whole worksheet, even though she seemed to know what she was doing. There were plenty of other people in the class that I’m sure had a lot more trouble than her, and I felt bad because I couldn’t help anybody else. I probably could have gotten up and walked around, but this young lady kept asking me questions. By the end of class, I think I had helped a total of three people, which is NOT normal.
The second class was quite a bit different. Whereas the first class consists of mostly girls (maybe one or two guys), the second one had mostly guys and only a handful of girls. For some reason I felt a LOT more intimidated than I ever have. This group of guys came and sat down right next to my chair. (Many of the guys are very nice, but these ones swore a ton and were a lot louder and more immature. This one guy kept asking me questions and talking to me, but he was mumbling so I pretended not to hear him. When Hassan saw them trying to talk to me, he said, “don’t talk to them?. So I tried not to. I’ve never been in the class when they’ve taken a test before, but today they did. Because the class was so large, he wanted to split the class into two groups by level of skill. I felt a little awkward because there wasn’t really anything for me to do while they were taking the test. I just sat there and watched them struggle with it. Hassan strictly told them NOT to use calculators, but for some reason, I thought he said they could look off each other’s answers. Maybe I just misunderstood him. All of a sudden, there was a huge commotion in the hallway. Somebody tried to close our door, but Hassan told him not to and rushed into the hallway. Then, the whole class raced after him to the doorway to see what was going on. My chair was right next to the doorway, so they all were running past me. There were only like two other people left in the room including me. It was chaos. Somehow, Hassan got everybody to come back into the room, but he did not. People resumed taking their tests, but they were using calculators… A guy, who I think was taking Hassan’s place while he wasn’t there, was monitoring the room and told them to put their calculators away, but they did not. It was kind of funny because one girl was using a calculator that made a beeping sound every time she pushed a button (Very secretive… ☺) When Hassan came back and found out, he took their tests away. After people finished with their tests, Hassan had me grade them. It took forever cause there were so many people in the class. I was surprised at how poorly they did. Most of them got 2 to 4 out of 10. Only one person got a 10 out of 10. Only about 3 people got above a 5. This surprised me because I looked at the test, and it was very simple math (Order of operations). And they are supposed to be in Algebra 1. When I was grading the tests, my hands were shaking so bad because the creepy guy next to me kept talking to me. I was actually pretty scared… I also felt pressure because everybody else was waiting for me to finish, or so it seemed. Today was a lot different than many days. I realized I definitely like working with the smaller classes, so I am looking forward to this class to be split up.