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MNIC - Week 5, March 7

Not a whole lot of excitement happened... Just the usual hard work of trying to understand what the students are saying and trying to help them understand what I'm saying about math... it gets kind of frustrating sometimes because I feel like I am explaining the math problem to the best of my ability but it doesn't process in their minds. (I am not trying to belittle their potential abilities, just trying to emphasize the difficulties in communication.) The first class is especially difficult, at least moreso than the second. They are at a lower level, doing basic math skills, yet they can't seem to wrap their minds around the simplest concepts. Sometimes I wonder if they are even trying... However, in a way, this almost adds to the excitement when they do come to understand something. I love when this happens, because I feel like my work there means something and I'm actually able to help them. The second class is really fun to work with because they really seem to understand what they are doing. They seem to really enjoy math... these two things could be in direct relationship with each other though. I unfortunately had to leave early from this class because I had a meeting to get to... oh well. Although at times this work can be tiring, I think I'm not emphasizing enough the fun that it has been. Despite the frustrations, I really enjoy interacting with a different culture and love being able to use my abilities to help others.