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MNIC - Week 6, March 28

Today was overall really fun. I enjoy this work a lot and love the students I work with! When I got there today, the halls seemed unusually quiet. I know most days they have prayer time until 1:50, but I saw a note on some other teacher's white board that prayer was until 2:00 today. So, I had to wait ten minutes. But at 2:00 there still wasn't anybody there. I think we ended up starting at 2:10. I always feel somewhat intimidated before class starts, but it always ends up turning out okay. Today, quite a few of the students who came in to the first class gave me a friendly hi! how are you? which was nice. It makes me feel welcomed that they remember me. (even though I haven't been there the past two weeks cause of spring break). Anyways, it was fun to help them today, and I think because I wasn't so tired that I had more energy to work through the problems with them. Sometimes I feel like my advice doesn't go through to them, and that they don't understand me, but today I felt like they were really understanding a lot. And they always welcome my help which makes things a lot easier. The second class was equally good. I got to talk with one of the guys before hand, which I always enjoy. Its really neat to hear about their personal background. He said he came to America two years ago and moved around a little bit. This is his third location in the US that he's lived. He is now living with his mother and brother, and hopes to stay in this location for good. At the beginning of this class, Hassan (the teacher) came up to me and handed me the white board marker and asked me to go through the problems with the class... (He'd done this on a couple occasions last semester, asking me to teach the class while he substituted in the class next door) But today he stayed in the class for mostly the whole time, just sitting down and watching. Maybe he just needed a break :) Anyways, I went through problems on the board with the class for the whole period. At first I was nervous because I hadn't seen what they were working on today. (It's always interesting when I find out what they are learning about because the first few problems I look at I have to refresh my memory... Luckily the memories came quickly today) It was fun to be able to go through problems on the board. Normally, the students have the pencil in their hand and I have to explain through words what they need to be doing. Instead, I was writing, so it seemed easier to explain the problems.