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Reading #15

Reading #15: Search for Form, By Eliel Saarinen
1. Sensitivity. Saarinen explains that “the essential thing in the search for form� is increasing sensitiveness to these mysteries by means of intuition, instinct, and imagination. We must be sensitive/more aware of the deeper meaning to anything we are trying to find form in, rather than just looking at the scientific facts. In order to understand anything clearly, we must get beyond the obvious physical aspects of it. We must look into its “soul�. Sensitiveness, in this instance, is a delicate term describing the way in which we should be observing/learning about an object/phenomena/whatever it is you are trying to understand.
2. Organic order. (Sorry this is two words, but it is a term that I found important to the article as a whole.) It is the last term in the chapter; it sums it all up. Organic order is “the fundamental principle of architecture in all of creation.� It consists of two other orders: expressive and correlative. It consists of that which expresses what is behind the form and that which relates all pieces of the puzzle into a whole, making it very captivating. Both of these combined make up organic order which, when successfully in order, creates “art of nature�.
Discussion Questions:
1. Given Saarinen’s definitions of false form and true form, describe an example of a true form in your everyday life.
2. Despite the fact that our world today is in a self-conscious stage of art-development, what stage of consciousness would you say that you are in? Explain.