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design... design... and more design...

I have searched for hours upon hours (well.. maybe not that extreme) trying to find designs that intrigue me to use for my project layout. Here is what I have come across:

Picture 2.pngPicture 3.png
I really liked the clean cut lines, the bold geometric shapes, and the large amount of white space on this website. I also really liked the font. It helped me to realize that I don't necessarily have to use Helvetica or Arial and it can still look very nice but have a more unique twist. I think I will also use the more clean, white-spaced look in my project presentation. I also really like the use of pictures when they are small and close together but not quite touching :)

Picture 4.png
Squint hard... I have always liked the use of bold large capital letters on top of pictures or faint bold large capital letters that somewhat blend in with the background (by blending, I mean they are about the same color). I think I will possibly use this technique in the header of my project presentation.

Picture 5.png
I really like the use of the squiggly line design in the background. If I found a program that could allow me to do that, I would love to include something simple, yet so lovely, on in the background of my presentation.

Picture 2b.png
I have always loved using the watermarked picture as a background. I am not quite sure if I want to do this just because it takes up all the white space. However, to do this on just one or two of the pages wouldn't be so bad. Also, when I noticed the cut-out squares and how they were reproduced on the far right page in color, I got really excited. I love this technique... It would be fun if I could somehow incorporate this.

Picture 3b.png
I love the bold orange color on the left pages... Its really simple/plain but really stands out and can be a nice way to break up a double-paged layout. And again, I love the page where the orange square is cut out and replaced right next to it. I also like the one picture in the lower left that has part of the floor separated from the rest of the picture.

Picture 5b.png
Here is another example of multiple smaller squares being separated by a thin white space... I LoVE the clean cut lines that this gives! Beautiful gridded pattern!

Picture 9b.pngPicture 8b.png
Here is a beautifully simple layout for a webpage... And it can also be applied to any portfolio. I will definitely keep the simple factor in mind cause it seems like this is something that really intrigues me.

Through looking at all of these, I have realized that there are an infinite amount of ways to design something... But it doesn't mean that they are all appealing to the eye. I found a lot that I liked, but there were quite a few that didn't appeal to me at all. For this reason, I want to pay particular attention to the detail of my portfolio/presentation of my project because it does make an impact on the viewer. Most of the sites that I did not find appealing at first glance, I just skipped right over. First impressions can determine whether or not somebody would even consider looking at a portfolio.

That's all for now, folks.

However, I would like to conclude by saying that this really opened my eyes to the wonderful world of Design. I have confirmed my decision to minor in design! Yay!