October 13, 2008

Blog, Blog, Blog

How could I have missed adding an entry about blogs? This was my favorite class of all because I learned about blogs and now can be a blogger with my own bloggy blog. I never realized that it could be as easy as just writing and saving to post an entry. I know that I need more practice and I need to learn lots of other skills to have a good blog but I think that will come in time. I think I'll be able to master this with enough practice.
Is there a way to add a link to UThink to my MYU page for ease of logging in ? I have looked around and explored and haven't found a way to add the link.

October 11, 2008

Wrap Up

Oh no! This great course is ending. I wish it would continue so I could reinforce some of the subject areas.I was hoping that the lessons would remain online and that I could refer to them if needed.

I really needed to learn about how to write blogs and was thrilled that this course came along. I still need more practice and probably a few more lessons but I feel I've come a long way. This course has had a direct impact on my day to day work and has opened my eyes to working with the new technologies. I will be including several of these in my work and have demonstrated one of them already to a group at a meeting. (I think they were really impressed!) The course gave me the knowledge and confidence to present this new information to others as something that I will be including in my program.
An unexpected outcome of Extension 2.0 is that my children now think that I'm the go-to person for questions on technology. Wow! I don't think I'm quite at the level that they think I'm at, but I won't tell them.

I would love to participate in upcoming courses. Keep the courses coming. I love to learn and doing these classes online at my own pace makes the classes convenient. Thank you, Amy, for putting this course together for all of us who want to learn but don't know where to start.

October 8, 2008

Twitter and UChat

I'm still not too sure about the benefits of Twitter. I spent some time perusing the messages and most seem either opinionated or bland. I do think that UChat has some merits and I was really impressed that you could use a virtual white board with your discussions with colleagues. How amazing!
I think I need to spend more time researching both of these options to find more uses but I'm impressed how both of these technologies link communities and ideas.

September 29, 2008

Social Networking

Wow, I never thought of Facebook and MySpace as places of learning before I read the article. I still think the students that I know spend most of their time on these sites not thinking about learning, but thinking about meeting new friends.
The examples were interesting: I could see my group having a site and "inviting' others to join us. The education could happen! I also see it as a way to network with colleagues and a way to appreciate their interests.

Productivity Tools

What's up, Doc? I explored Google Doc for several hours and finally broke down and set up another account. I hope I can keep all of my new techie accounts with logins and passwords straight. I think I can utilize Google Doc with fellow employees but think I want to try it out on a family member or friend first. I enjoyed reading online about all of the adaptations of the program.
Will all of these classes remain on the web so I can go back to check on the lessons periodically if I have a question?

September 22, 2008

Wonderful Wikis

I'm still trying to play catch up on this course and I think I'll be able to complete all of the assignments. I explored a number of wikis and especially enjoyed the Thomas Jefferson one. I've been to Monticello and enjoyed reading about the plantation. My favorite entry was one about Jefferson shocking his neighbors in town by publicly eating a tomato - which, of course, was known to be "highly poisonous" at the time.He lived...and laughed.
I'm still wondering about the blog. How do I edit something that is already on the page? I've been exploring Movable Type and I just can't understand how to do this.

September 17, 2008


I've wondered about these things. I always miss my favorite radio shows like "The Splendid Table" since it's on at a time when I'm always busy. Now I can catch up on all of the last episodes and even figure out what to do with all those tomatoes from my garden.Wow, I guess I'll have to ask Santa for an iPod (even though I know you don't need one to listen to the podcasts).


Okay, I've made it to the photo sharing class. I use my digital cameras quite a bit but don't share the photos very much. One question I couldn't find the answer to on the Flickr website was "how long do the photos remain on the site?". Several years ago I looked into this and found that all photos would be deleted after 2 to 3 years on a site. Is that a drawback or does it just make you want to post more to remain up to date?

RSS Feeds

Hmmm, that wasn't too bad. I set up my account with Bloglines and subcribed to probably more RSS feeds than I will have time to read. This class is just what I needed to jumpstart new technology for me.

First Day

Okay, it's mid-September and I'm trying to catch up on this course so I can learn all of this cool stuff. Summer has just been a blurr and now I have a bit of time to devote to learning about technology.

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