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Breakfast at Citizen Cafe

We went to Citizen Cafe for breakfast this weekend with my in-laws. Citizen Cafe is located on 38th street and 24th avenue in South Minneapolis. The atmosphere was decent, tables were close but not too close and the noise from the kitchen and conversations around us created a nice ambient buzz. On the minus side the gloomy weather outside didn't mix well with the colors of the place creating a sort of washed out, hazy, and drab visual experience. Food was also decent but not amazing. I had the corned beef hash and a pancake. I also had an opportunity to sample my wife's biscuits and gravy and some muffins and scones which they delivered complimentary to the table. The baked goods were flavorful, light, fluffy, and delightful. I agree with Brian at East-Lake.net that the biscuits and gravy are some of the best in town (but nowhere as good as anything one could find further south). The hash was very different from what one might typically see. Their corned beef is made in-house and cut in large chunks, and the whole ensemble is coated in a cream sauce. Sounded good in the description, not so good in reality though. Overall, I think there were enough positives that we would go back, but maybe not before trying some other establishments first.