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Border Town Coffee Delivers

Ok, so it doesn't deliver in a literal sense but certainly in a figurative one. This coffee shop (http://www.bordertowncoffee.com) just a few steps from my office is by far one of my favorites ever, in any city. The atmosphere is comfortable, not at all cliche', and soothing. The coffee is above average (so it can't stand up to a titan of coffee like Gimme Coffee - http://www.gimmecoffee.com/ - but few coffee shops can). Most impressive of all though are the pastries - homemade, in-house Border Town lovingly crafts breakfast breads, muffins, and scones that are wonderful. In particular, try their chocolate scone if available. I had a Chocolate Almond scone today still warm from the oven. It had a flaky exterior with just a slight bit of crispness from a sugar crust, which yielded to a light textured, almond flavored crumb and scattered, small blips of melted chocolate. Amazing! You have to check it out!