December 13, 2005

A Little Clarification

I guess a little clarification is required for my “What the hell?� blog. I can see that some people my have been a little irritated, but I felt putting people’s names down was harmless. This is an informal forum for us to express our ideas, concerns, and general feedback on class and work issues. I don’t think we should hold the blog comments to any standards that we wouldn’t apply to talking to each other in the classroom or work.

Yes, the blog is a public forum, as witnessed by Mr. Hair’s blog receiving a comment from an escort service. However, we aren’t using last names and how many people outside us are really reading this. Yes, I was being very critical of many people, but I did not omit myself in that blog. I just wanted us to recognize what was going on.

I hope I didn’t ruffle anyone’s feathers, but I had to spit some posts out and that was one of the things floating around in my head. Fact is, if I hadn’t let myself get so behind with my blogs, I probably wouldn’t have felt it necessary to make that post. So if I pissed off someone with that rant, I am sorry. Nothing personal

at December 13, 2005 11:53 AM