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Analysis of Lead

I will be analyzing a lead in a story on CNN about the burial of a soldier who died in a WWI battle and was found in a mass grave in 2008.
The lead in this story contains the basic news elements of the story. It tells us the who, what, when, and where.
The "where" is more detailed than it should to be. The "where" is Fromelles, France. I think in this case the writer just had to say France because the specific city is not important to understand the rest of the article. The city should be named later in the article, but not in the lead.
The "who" is general. The "who" is just a recovered body from a WWI battle being buried. The writer could not be more specific because the name of the soldier is unknown. Even if the name was known, the writer would not need to be more specific because the soldier was not a celebrity.
The "when" is general, as it should be. The writer just says the event happened on Saturday.
The "what" is also general. The "what" is just the soldier being buried. There is no need to go into any more detail in the lead.

After the writer mentions the who, what, when, and where, he goes into more detail in the lead about the history of the mass grave. Normally going into more detail would not be necessary in the lead. However, in this case, the detail in the lead, which describes the battle that resulted in the mass grave, was very interesting and helped hook the reader and get the reader to read the rest of the article.

CBS Turns Down Gay Super Bowl Ad

CBS rejected a Super Bowl ad on Friday that promoted a gay dating website called Mancrunch.com.
CBS told a spokesperson from the website that it would not accept the ad because all of the ad spots for the Super Bowl had been sold out. However, it was later discovered that CBS had in fact not sold out all of its ad spots, CNBC reported.
CBS also said it turned down the ad due to financial reasons, CNN reported.
Spokespersons from Mancrunch.com believe CBS turned down the ad because the ad promoted a homosexual dating site, CNN reported. Elissa Buchter, a spokeswoman for the site, said, "It's straight-up discrimination."
Although the ad will not appear during the Super Bowl, one can find the ad on Youtube, where it has received over 15,000 hits, CNBC reported.

Winter Storm Smashes South

A winter storm pounded much of the southern U.S. on Friday and Saturday, leaving nearly one million people without power and making travel nearly impossible.
Many places from New Mexico to the east coast received up to a foot of snow, MSNBC reported, which caused many governors to declare states of emergencies for their states.
The storm is believed to have caused the death of a 70-year-old woman in Oklahoma, who died after a propane heater exploded in her house, MSNBC reported.
In addition to the snow, the storm left layers of ice on the road, making travel even worse, CNN reported.

Duluth TV Anchor Leaves Job to Help in Haiti

A Duluth news Anchor announced Thursday that she is quitting her job to work in Haiti as a Nurse.
Julie Pearce, a weekend news anchor for KBJR-TV and a graduate of the College of St. Scholastica's nursing program, says she feels obligated to help because the people of Haiti desperately need her nursing skills, the Duluth News Tribune reported.
Pearce said she will stay in Haiti until she is not needed anymore or until she has givin everything she can, WCCO reported.
Pearce will anchor her final news show this weekend and will then board a plane to Haiti, the Duluth News Tribune reported.

Twins Sign Veteran Slugger

The Twins signed veteran slugger Jim Thome to a one year deal on Tuesday, reported the Star Tribune.
Thome will come to Minnesota on a one-year, $1.5 million contract, the Star Tribune reported. The contract also includes $700,000 in incentives.
Thome, at age 39, is ranked 12th all-time in career home runs with 564. Twenty-three of those home runs came last year while playing with the White Sox, Kelly Theiser on mlb.com reported.
The Twins signed Thome in order to improve their young bench, Theiser reported. He will mainly be used as a late pinch-hitting threat; although he could play as the Designated Hitter if Jason Kubel plays in the outfield.

Car Bomb kills 18 in Iraq

A suicide bomber devastated the streets of Baghdad on Tuesday when the bomber blew up a car and killed 18 people.
CNN reported that according to Iraq's Ministry of Information, a suicide bomber drove through a security checkpoint and set off a car bomb near a government forensic office. Eighty people were injured in addition to the 18 dead.
MSNBC reported that a majority of those killed were police officers who worked for the government forensic office in Baghdad.
This bombing was a continuation of a series of bombings that could be as a result of the 511 people deemed ineligible to run for office in the upcoming elections, CNN reported. Many of the people deemed ineligible are Sunni Muslims, which has caused the Sunnis to feel alienated.
The US Embassy in Baghdad issued a statement saying they are confident that the Iraqi people will stand together to overcome this violence, CNN reported.

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