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China Mourns Quake Victims

China lowered its flags to half staff on Wednesday to mourn the victims of the earthquake that killed over 2,000 people last week.
The whole country mourned for the victims of the quake. Chinese President Hu Jintao paid a silent tribute from Beijing, while the Qinghai province - where the quake was centered - observed three minutes of silence Wednesday morning, CNN reported.
The death toll for the quake reached 2,064, with 175 people still missing and 12,135 other injured, CNN reported.
The earthquake struck the Qinghai province, which is near Tebet, and had a magnitude of 7.1, the New York Times reported. Many buildings, including schools, collapsed in the impoverished area.

Massive Earthquake Kills Hundreds in China

A series of massive earthquakes killed around 400 people and injured thousands more in China Wednesday morning, CNN reported.
An initial earthquake with a magnitude of 6.9 hit the impoverished and mountainous Qinghai province in western China at 7:49 a.m. local time, CNN reported. A series of aftershocks followed as buildings were reduced to rubble.
Many buildings in the area were made of wood and mud, making them very susceptible to earthquakes, MSNBC reported. The buildings easily collapsed, leaving the people inside the buildings trapped.
Many of the casualties were children, as many schools were reduced at the start of the school day, MSNBC reported.
Chinese authorities sent thousands of soldiers and medical staff to the region to help with disaster relief, CNN reported.

Strong Earthquake Hits Spain

An earthquake hit parts of southern Spain early Sunday morning, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.
The quake, with a magnitude of 6.2, struck 15 miles southeast of Granada at 12:08 a.m. local time, CNN reported.
The quake struck nearly 400 miles underground, so it did not cause a lot of damage, CNN reported.
There have not been any reports of injuries or deaths, CNN reported.

Suicide Bombers Kill 12 More in Russia

Two suicide bombers killed at least 12 people in Russia's North Caucasus region on Wednesday, the New York Times reported.
The attacks, which came in two waves, were aimed at police officers in the region, the Star Tribune reported.
The first bomb went off in a parked car, the New York Times reported. The second bomb went off when one of the suicide bombers, who was dressed up as a police officer, went to the scene of the first bomb pretending to help.
The attacks came just two days after two suicide bombers killed at least 38 people on the subways in Moscow, the Star Tribune reported.
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said the attacks could have been organized by the same group that organized the previous attacks, the New York Times reported.

Suicide Bombs kill 38 on Moscow Subways

Two women blew themselves up and killed at least 38 people on Moscow's subway system Monday morning, CNN reported.
The two women, who are believed to be part of a Chechen rebel group, blew themselves up 40 minutes apart from each other; one blew up at 8 a.m., and one at 8:40 a.m., MSNBC reported. The Chechen rebel group has been fighting the Russians for the past 15 years.
The attack came during rush hour, so the subway cars were packed with people, MSNBC reported. This was the worst attack on the Russian capital in six years.
"I heard a bang, turned my head and smoke was everywhere. People ran for the exits screaming," 24-year-old Alexander Vakulov, who was waiting for a subway at the time of the blast, said to MSNBC.
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin vowed the "terrorists will be destroyed," MSNBC reported.

December Massacre Kills Over 300 in Congo

A rebel army brutally killed at least 321 people and abducted 250 others in the Democratic Republic of Congo in December, the Human Rights Watch said.
The Lord's Resistance Army attacked 10 villages in northeastern Congo from December 14 to 17 and killed and abducted hundreds of civilians, including women and children, CNN reported. Nobody has reported the massacre until now.
The LRA used weapons such as machetes, axes, and heavy wooden sticks, CNN reported. The group even burned some victims to death.
The LRA also sent some victims back to their villages with chopped off lips and ears to serve as a warning to stay quiet about the massacre, MSNBC reported.
The massacre is the deadliest killing spree the LRA has carried out since it went on a killing spree around Christmas in 2008, CNN reported.

Blackout Darkens Chile

A power blackout left 90 percent of Chile without power on Sunday.
Chile's capital, Santiago, along with most of the country were left without electricity due to a failure in the country's largest electric company, CNN Chile reported.
The blackout came only two weeks after an earthquake with an 8.8 magnitude rattled the country and killed 500 people.
The earthquake left power grids in Chile fragile, the New York Times reported.
The Chilean government advised its citizens to reduce energy consumption, Energy Minister Ricardo Rainieri told the New York Times.

Stampede Kills 60 at Indian Temple

As many as 63 people were killed in northern India on Thursday when a stampede broke out at a local temple, CNN reported.
The stampede broke out when worshipers rushed to get free food and utensils at a local Hindu temple, MSNBC reported.
Most of the victims were women and children, MSNBC reported.
The stampede was large enough to the point where it knocked down a gate to the temple, MSNBC reported.
The temple was handing out donations to mark the death anniversary of a local religious leader's wife when the stampede broke out, MSNBC reported.
At least 60 others were injured in the stampede, CNN reported.

Earthquake Strikes Shores of Japan

An earthquake with a 7.0 magnitude struck Japan's Ryukyu Islands Saturday morning.
At 5:31 a.m., or 2:31 p.m., Friday CST, the earthquake shook people on the Okinawa Islands for 15 seconds, CNN reported. It was centered about 53 miles from Okinawa.
Japanese officials have not reported any casualties or major damage so far, the New York Times reported.
The Meteorological Agency initially predicted a tsunami of up to 6 feet and warned residents to stay away from the shores, the New York Times reported. They later, however, lifted this warning when no signs of a tsunami were evident.
The United States is working on getting damage and casualty reports, but commanders have heard nothing so far, CNN reported.

Machu Picchu Set to Reopen in April

Peruvian officials expect to reopen Machu Picchu to tourists on Apr. 1, the government said.
The ancient city has been closed to tourists due to heavy rain in January that blocked the only railroad to the city, the New York Times reported.
Peruvian officials were forced to evacuate more than 1,000 tourists with helicopters back in January, CNN reported.
Authorities said that seven people died and 2,000 homes were ruined as a result of the heavy rain, CNN reported.
Around 600,000 tourists visit Machu Picchu every year, the New York Times reported.

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