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Woman Murdered, Husband Injured in Burglary

A man allegedly broke into a house in St. Paul and killed a woman and injured her husband on Sunday, Kare 11 reported.
The husband and wife woke up in their home at 1794 Minnehaha Ave. to a burglar in their house, Kare 11 reported. The burglar shot and killed the wife and shot the husband in the leg.
Authorities pronounced the wife dead at the scene, WCCO reported.
The husband was taken to Regions Hospital and has been released, Kare 11 reported.
Police have not found any suspects, but are still investigating the scene, Kare 11 reported.

Rollover Crash Kills 3 Teens

A rollover crash killed three teenage girls and injured one more on Friday near Altura, Minn.
The girls rolled over in their pickup truck at 3:20 p.m., on County Highway 27, Kare11 reported. They were just let out of school.
Authorities identified the three girls who died as Shauna Ruhoff, 16, Morgan Zeller, 13, and Katie Hornberg, 14, WCCO reported. Cydney Maker, 12, is in critical condition at Gunderson Lutheran Hospital in La Crosse, Wis.
Authorities are still looking into what caused the accident, WCCO reported.

Bear Spotted in Blaine Tree

A bear climbed up a tree in a resident's front lawn in Blaine on Tuesday.
Someone called 9-1-1 Tuesday morning after spotting a black bear near the intersection of Davenport Street and 132nd Avenue Northeast, Kare11 reported. The bear crawled up a tree in a front yard and was still there as of 3:45 p.m.
Witnesses said the bear appears to be around two years old and it came from a wooded area near the neighborhood, Kare11 reported.
The Department of Natural Resources advised authorities to leave the bear alone and said the bear will likely move on to a different spot overnight, WCCO reported.
The bear seemed calm, but authorities are concerned because the crowds that have been gathering to see the bear could agitate it, Kare 11 reported.
The exact location of the bear was not released because authorities do not want to attract a large crowd to the scene, WCCO reported.

Missing Man Found in River

Authorities in Hutchinson found the body of a missing man Sunday afternoon who fell into the Crow River last Tuesday.
Authorities found the body of 37-year-old Jeffrey Degn in the river near Tartan Park, Kare11 reported. They found the body after someone called the police after spotting a red jacket floating in the river.
When police arrived at the River, they found Degn, WCCO reported.
Authorities had been searching for Degn since he slipped on rocks near a dam on Main Street in Hutchinson and fell into the river, Kare11 reported.

Man Falls Into River, Search is On

A man is missing after he slipped and fell into the Crow River in Hutchinson on Tuesday.
Jeffrey Degn, 37, fell into the river near a damn in the city after he slipped on some rocks at 7 p.m., Kare11 reported. The fast-moving river carried him away.
Authorities have been searching for the man since he fell in, but have not found him, WCCO reported. They are using boats, helicopters, and search dogs to look for him.
The city is bringing in specialized search equipment from Hennepin County to search the bottom of the river near the damn, WCCO reported.

Barn Fire Kills 70 Pigs

A barn fire killed at least 70 pigs in New Prague early Wednesday morning, Kare11 reported.
Firefighters received a call at 4:30 a.m. about the fire, Kare11 reported. They put out the fire by 7:15 a.m., but only after between 70 and 90 pigs were killed.
The fire did not injure any people, WCCO reported.
Authorities have not determined the cause of fire, Kare11 reported.

Pawlenty Has Not Mailed Back Census

Governor Pawlenty has not mailed back his census form that was due on April 1, the governor told WCCO.
Pawlenty received two census forms: one for his home in Eagan and one for the governor's residence, Fox9 reported. He plans to fill out the form for his home in Eagan.
"I'm going to fill it out in a timely manner," Pawlenty told WCCO.
The law requires everyone to fill out a census form by April 1. If one does not do so, census takers will go door-to-door to get the form.
This year's census will decide whether or not Minnesota will lose a seat in Congress.

Teen pleades Guilty to Robbery at U

A Minneapolis teenager pleaded guilty on Tuesday to a crime he committed on the University of Minnesota campus on Jan. 25.
Derrell Jacori Cole, 17, pleaded guilty to two counts of felony and first degree aggravated robbery for a crime he committed outside Moose Tower on the East Bank campus, WCCO reported.
Police believe Cole's crime is connected with a string of other crimes and the shooting of a University of Minnesota student, the Minnesota Daily reported.
Authorities sentenced Cole to a juvenile program, probation, and a stayed prison sentence, the Daily reported.
Cole also pleaded guilty to a crime he committed in north Minneapolis the same day, the Daily reported.

Rollover Crash Kills 2

A rollover crash threw two people from their car and killed them in Brainerd Tuesday night, Kare11 reported.
Natasha Merrill, 33, of Isle, Minn., and Daniel Weyaus, 32, of Onamia, Minn., were thrown from their car at 8 p.m., on Highway 25 in Crow Wing County, WCCO reported. They drove off the road and into a ditch before they rolled over.
Neither victim wast wearing a seatbelt, WCCO reported.
There was another passenger in the back seat of the car, but that passenger was not seriously injured, Kare11 reported.

Man Shot to Death in North Minneapolis

A man was shot and killed in North Minneapolis Tuesday night, according to police.
Police found the man, who has not been identified, lying in the street at the 4200 block of Irving Avenue North with a gunshot wound shortly after 9 p.m., WCCO reported. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
Police have not caught any suspects yet, Kare11 reported.
Authorities are investigating the homicide, though, and say they have some leads, Kare 11 reported.

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