February 11, 2005

Deadlines and departures

5552 2-23 one or two page summary of paper topics
3-9 class in Walter library/ deadline for meeting with Kirtly
3-30 detailed outline with annotated biliography
paper:; legal protections at stake in evolving definition of journalist: libel, coyright, who IS a journalist...maybe just the 3rd?
8002 3-4 GSO paper presentations
3-11 discussion leader, 1st paper due
Paper Option 2; blogs as journalism. Paper : evolution of definition of a journalist, starting when?

8003 3-4 practice/consumption of journalism
3-11 abstracts due
Paper: lit review regarding changing media OR proposal for a research project (survey of blogging journalists????)

Posted by stern130 at February 11, 2005 11:10 PM