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Final Reflection

Final Reflection

Overall, this class was a great class. I learned so much in this class. The final was a lot of fun. I like how it was open and we got to choice from 3 different projects. I chose the grage band final. I had a lot of fun creating music with this program. I never used it before so it was very new to me. I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to save the files to QuickTime but eventually I figured that all out.

Lesson Plan idea with garage band:
I thought it would be neat to make a lesson plan around different songs students like. It would be fun to create an abstract mix with your favorite songs.
I also think it would be nice for student to create their own song in garage band then create an animation to go with it.

Main Idea: for my final project, since I am just learning how to do this, I thought I would create something simple that would be good to teach 3 or 4th grade with. The students would start by making a song then use a simple animation to go with it. For mine I just used my bug animation.

Here is my Final Project

Download file