September 18, 2008

New Meldia Art Book

For this class we are referencing to a book called New Media Art. It's a great book that talks about various artists and there new ideas with media art. While looking through the book I became interested in an art group called the Knowbotic Research. This group consists of three individuals (Yvonne Wilhelm, Christian Huebler, and Alexander Tuchacek). They developed the Knowbotic Research group in 1991. “Their more recent projects use media artistic practice as an attempt to find viable forms of intervention in the new public domain.?

In May of 2002 the group, along with Peter Sandbichler, introduced the Minds of Concern::Breaking News. The exhibition was set up in the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, titled “Open_Source_Art_Hack.? This exhibition was mostly about a website that featured port-scanning software. It focuses on the issue of hackers on the internet. This software would scan for security weaknesses in internet servers, in this case selected non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and media activists. When entering the site the visitors would do a port-scan to find the vulnerability of the servers towards hacking attacks. This piece was very intimidating and created a lot of controversy. It was taken offline by the Museum after its internet server threatened to shut down its internet access due to this website.

Artists are using many different technologies to express their art. I like how this project explores web art in a very intriguing manner. This group put forward a very touchy issue that is found among the world web. It’s like reporting news, but in an ironic approach.

Incorporate a Lesson Plan:
I know this would be a very hard project to discuss in an educational setting. As a lesson plan I think it would be very interesting to explore different issues that are prominent in society. The lesson plan would require the students to think critically about an issue that is affecting our society. From there they will do some research and form a “Breaking News Article.? When they finish their article they will develop a webpage. This will actually be a design they would create in Photoshop. They would use inspirational web-art-sites, such as the one Knowbotic Research made, to create their own image. Once each student develops their site the class will create a slideshow or a webpage with each of their sites. It will turn into a newspaper of current society issues.

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