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Construction of the Female Self

I feel that the interpretations of the Disney movie characters as representing upon womens behalf is way too in depth. By this I mean that no child, who is the target audience, views Cinderella, and takes in the idea that she had "sure signs of both external and internalized oppression." (p. 437) Also the idea that she can only, ever dream is not what I thought when I saw it as a child. I saw that this average girl, just like me, became a beautiful princess! I certainly never thought that Cinderella never thought for herself, or that her dreams were just dreams, and she was mentally unstable because she kept in her feelings. It's obvious to me now that these things are true, but nobody critiques these movies like this, and they shouldn't because they're for "entertainment".
The ideas critiqued of The Little Mermaid, were again true, and again ridiculous. The movie was not made for people to pick out the facts that Ariel was always controlled by her father, or that she gave up her curiousity for a boy. It was for small children to see and think I oh, I want to be like that, she's happy, she has someone, whatever. "Ariel chooses to leave her own people for life with Eric, it is still not her power but her father's power which enables her..." this is taken way out of context. Ariel is put in a hard decision, she wants true love in order to be happy. The act of her father having the power to do this could relate to marriage in a sense, an everday normal situation where the father gives her daughter away. The movie portrays real life, ideal situations in a much more down to child level sort of way.
Disney movies are not meant to be picked apart and analyzed, and hated. If children acted in those ways, they would be sitting around watching the news, reading news papers, things that normal children do not do.
Also, I wanted to add, in our discussion the question was put out 'does every disney movie have the girl is only happy after she's with her true love?' I thought of a good one that is not the 'prince/true-love idea'...one of my favorites as well, "Lilo and Stitch". In this movie, Lilo, the little girl (main character) does not grow up to become some beautiful woman and meet her true love. This one illustrates the bond between a child and her pet. I feel this is the best one as well, because guys are never perfect :) , and a girl can always count on her pet to be there for her! This is actually something that kids can live up to, haha!