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blizzard: work view


location :: my office
everything further than 2 buildings away obscured by snow


A domino factory???????

i tell people i fix computers, but i actually man one of the few remaining government-run domino facilities in america.

i made a promotional video at work about how ugly our building is... go here and click the play button.

for a minute i thought that was actually on the u of m poli sci webpage. i liked it. still do, but not quite as subversive as i thought. gb, do you actually have a real job. alternatively, are you REALLY actually a superhero?

it actually is on the polisci webpage.... making stuff like that is my real job....

seriously? that's so cool...it's so...orwellian sounding with the creepy music and all. i don't think those poli sci people get it. well, *those* poli sci people do, but not the other ones. anyway, i love your creepy video.

seriously. the chair is a really fun guy and wanted to show that we all are personable and have a sense of humor.

i wanted the creepy music to be nosferatu sounding, which is one of the reasons i went with a black and white theme.