November 20, 2008

Killed by gunfire

The promise of the young boys killed by gunfire a week ago will never be realized. Tragically, the two teens were killed by people they knew. Two other young men will see their own lives take a sad turn because of their actions. Their fate is yet to be realized.

Emmanuel Bartuoh, a high school football player, was accidentally shot last Friday night by his friend, Samuel Dennis, who pointed what he thought was an empty gun at Emmanuel.

Across town Jacob MacKenzie was killed by an acquaintance, Alfredo Gutierrez-Gonzales ,on Sunday. Gutierrez-Gonzales went missing and has been named the number one suspect in the shooting.

The young men who witnessed the first black man be elected president died before they got a chance to see how history plays out as Barack Obama leads the country through turbulent times. They died before they could start lives of their own away from their parents homes. They died before they had a chance to grow up.