December 5, 2006

Impersonal Production of Personal Fabricators

Impersonal Production of Personal Fabricators

The article “How to make almost anything� was a very interesting article. It makes me very curious how they were able dumb down the use of these things so that any one can make a circuit board, and attached sensors. The overall idea of the article is that with personal fabricators a single person can do the work of a whole team of people. People just need to have a desire, and a plan to bring it to life. I thought the little girl who put a security camera on her diary was incredible. She was probably not even in algebra yet, and she built a circuit board with sensors and a camera to keep her brother from reading her personal thoughts. Wow. Another point I liked was how people with the least technology in the most remote parts of the world need the most complicated things. Like the sheep herder who wants wireless devices for all his sheep so he can keep track of them. He can make them easily with the personal fabricators. Any body can do (almost) anything.
personal fabricator.jpg
This then leads into the “Silence and Light� article. It is basically saying that silence is a desire to create. All the silent people above had the desire but no means to create things they wanted. They did not need these things however, because they have survived all this time without these things. According to this article giving these people what is lacking will give them no lasting joy. They did not need it so how could they really enjoy it. I disagree here, because of the fact that they are able to create any thing they want. They may not need a wireless sheep tracker, but he wants one. He can take pride in the fact that he manufactured this thing on his own. I would have some joy for a long time if I could remotely know my sheep is just grazing on the mountain side (maybe more from simply telling people about my creation, than from sitting in my lazy boy herding sheep).

This personal fabricator may not be such a good thing after all. If I could have anything I want, I would probably not go anywhere very often, unless to sell my random items. People may begin to take life for granted as everyday things become oversimplified, over and over again. For instance these machines can recreate and simplify themselves (eventually anyway).

November 27, 2006

Technopoly is the idea that everything that is invented or introduced changes everything in society. There are intentions that may be clear, along with certain side effects that may happen gradually.
The guitar is one technology that was designed to have a positive impact on society. It was meant to produce appealing sounds and bring joy to people. On the flip side it has contributed to capitalism through encouraging competition through records sales and concerts. Not to say that is a bad thing, but it does happen. It has changed the way people incorporate music into there lives. Maybe it was the record companies that really encouraged capitalism. They were definitely encouraged by this instrument in the age of Rock and Roll.

It has had an impact on be personally for the past few months. The tenant living upstairs from me plays and screeches day and night. He has immediate satisfaction from playing, which I think was probably one of the ideas behind the invention, I believe his roommates do too. Why else would they put up with it? He does not realize the effects is has on others in the area. Many nights I do not get a good nights rest because of this. The sound travels clearly into my bedroom. This causes me to be tired and crabby the next day, potentially affecting others I interact with. I also do not do my work as effectively as I may have if well rested. What if I had the potential to do something for the world and did not achieve it because I missed an opportunity to learn something pivotal this semester. The world could suffer because I didn’t learn because I was exhausted from the guy upstairs pounding out tunes on an instrument design to bring pleasure to the world. Or maybe I should just go have a talk with him.

November 8, 2006

Math and me

As I look around me I see many things that were designed. All of them incorporate math into them in one way or another. Some in very basic ways like a straight dimension. Hey thats math, pretty basic but it's math. As I look deeper I see more complex designs with more complex mathematics involved.

Cars use a great deal of math in the design process. From dimensions to axle diameters to horsepower, to torque. All the variables must be able to work together for it to function at its best. If one element is overlooked axles may snap, or engines may blow.

Math and design goes a long ways back in history. Math can be used to calculate the minimum needed to accomplish a goal. As structures became larger weapons became larger. To take technology to the next level some calculations must have been necessary. They appear to have got something right in this design.
I also found a company that uses math to make images. I am sure they use some sort of software to make the image but, the soft uses and was created using mathematics. See if you can see the boat below (which uses math in the hull, and sails).

Here are a couple images that are aesthetically pleasing. They appear to be mathematical, likely because of the geometric shapes.
stone rectangles perspective.jpg

October 23, 2006

Oppositions around me

In my daily life there are a number of oppostions some of which I would llike to reflect on. As I sit in my bed trying to stay awake long enough to type I realize tiredness could be an oppostion. It is opposite to me being awake which allows me to get my homework done. Gravity is also opposing my mattress. To solve the situation of gravity making my mattress sag some one invented a tool, a bed frame, to support it.
gross mattress.jpg
Check out my mattress, I got a deal.

It seems that everything that is anything, is because of an oppostion. If there were no opposition why would anything be what it is. I found the picture below. It is the sun reflecting off a building behind the camera. It is a phenomena that happens at a certain time each day. It happens because of the oppostion of nature to an environment. Windows were installed to keep out whether. They are probably tinted, judging by the intensity of the reflection, to solve another oppostion of bright sun shining in the building.

October 22, 2006

Phenomenon of a Billiard Break

A phenomenon is a is a complex system of things, frameworks and clockworks. A phenomenon that I have seen many times is that of the racking and breaking of a set of balls on a billiards table.

The framework here is a rack of balls. This overall thing, is composed of other things, 15 balls in a triangle and 1 cue ball. For the game of 8 ball this set will not change at the start of the game.
pool table diagram.gif

The hierarchy of this setup is that all the balls are organized into a triangle with the apex one the footspot. The rack is divided into solids and stripes on opposing sides all surrounding the dominating 8 ball. A person must spread the rack to knock down one set of balls to get to the winning, or loosing if knocked in early, 8 ball. This process is the clockwork of the game. It starts as a triangle and balls are pocketed eventually ending the game. When a new game begins the original set of balls will inevitably return to the original and only required position in relation to each other during a game.

A rack exhibits much change as it progresses through a single game. It can be modeled as it does start in the same shape each time. It changes dramatically as the cue ball crashes into any of the outer balls. In an instant balls are scattering quickly all around the table gradually slowing to a stop.

Genius Loci

Genius Loci is the spirit of a place. It is an A place I have been that I found significant is the Sequoia National Forest in California. This is a place like no other that I have been. This is a land of giants. The spirit of this place is from ancient times. To be around one of these giants takes a person to a differant frame of mind. A single person seems so much less significant. I forgot about the city for a couple days, I was in a differnat world here in the land of giants. The spirit of this place itself is hard to pinpoint, though it has nothing to do with humans.

Picture 613.jpg

Some of these giants are over 3,000 years old. They have been around since the beginnings of history. They are the biggest living things in the world. They picture below is one of the bigger but not the biggest in the park. It is hard to comprehend the size of these things without actually seeing them in person.

Picture 614.jpg

September 26, 2006


Being South Sider I would like to show some support for the Corcoran Neighborhood. They are in the proecces of making this a better place. In the process they are creating better Spaces for themselves. Prostitution and grafiti are some of the concerns with the neighborhood. The work force consists of volunteers. These volunteers are concerned members of the community. They want a better place for themselves and their families.

This neighborhood is definately not all bad. I enjoyed my stay here. During the day this was my space. I walked and biked freely. Children plays sports in the park. There are many things going for the community. They have a farmers market on the weekends where neighbors can support, meet and hangout with together. There is a YMCA, Ethic food, and even some shopping (Savers).

There are a couple hot spots that I know of. One being a gas station on 34th and Cedar Ave S. This has been a site of allot of crime. Gang signs also litter the alley ways stretching from this point. I mention this block in particular because I happened to live on this block. After dark I chose to stay off the streets, and behind my 8 ft tall privacy fence, which was spared the marks that my neighbors often had to paint over. The problem of prostitution became clear on the daily drive to work in the morning as familiar female faces occupy their space on the corner. They offer with or without words to befriend the stranger travelling by. That is not an acceptable thing.

I would have prefered that my space not change depending on the time of day. Others feel that way too, and are doing things about it. Below is a map of the neighborhood. Please check out the link to see what they are doing.


September 18, 2006

The energies of Midway

It was suggested in class that we go to Midway in Minneapolis and check out the Global Market. This is a bustling place that is worth checking out. On the main floor next to Lake street many shops of all types divide the area into a grid like pattern. While there is also an Allina clinic and an apartment complex in the same building.

There are differant types of energies mixing together throughout . The first I noticed was a conservation of energy by converting an old Sears building to the above mentioned market. Much destruction was saved allong with a landmark that has been on Lake Street for a long time. As I walked around I noticed the Social energies. This is a convenient gathering place for all types of local cultures. This is a diverse neighborhood, and building. There was a nice mixture of people shopping together. The market style of the place made you communicate with the person owning the shop. This is a social energy one may not expend otherwise. Energies are also exchanged when a person purchases something from a vendor. They both have a need that is satified by the purchase. One recieves a good, or service (at a reasonable price too), and the other recieves money.

The layout of the place is somewhat confusing for a first timer. The impression I have of the place is that shoppes selling things from small trinkets to 4 foot vases seem to be on the ouskirts of the grid or closer the large parking lot on the West side. This may be so that Shoppers going for the food in the middle of the grid have to walk by and look at these vendors before they can get to their destination. This could be good for business for the small shop keepers who otherwise may be ignored.

I am glad to have recieved this assignment. Being that I live only 3 blocks away I will be back again. This time I will try another type of food (Holy Land is great), and maybe play a game of chess in the lounging area.