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October 23, 2006

Oppositions around me

In my daily life there are a number of oppostions some of which I would llike to reflect on. As I sit in my bed trying to stay awake long enough to type I realize tiredness could be an oppostion. It is opposite to me being awake which allows me to get my homework done. Gravity is also opposing my mattress. To solve the situation of gravity making my mattress sag some one invented a tool, a bed frame, to support it.
gross mattress.jpg
Check out my mattress, I got a deal.

It seems that everything that is anything, is because of an oppostion. If there were no opposition why would anything be what it is. I found the picture below. It is the sun reflecting off a building behind the camera. It is a phenomena that happens at a certain time each day. It happens because of the oppostion of nature to an environment. Windows were installed to keep out whether. They are probably tinted, judging by the intensity of the reflection, to solve another oppostion of bright sun shining in the building.

October 22, 2006

Phenomenon of a Billiard Break

A phenomenon is a is a complex system of things, frameworks and clockworks. A phenomenon that I have seen many times is that of the racking and breaking of a set of balls on a billiards table.

The framework here is a rack of balls. This overall thing, is composed of other things, 15 balls in a triangle and 1 cue ball. For the game of 8 ball this set will not change at the start of the game.
pool table diagram.gif

The hierarchy of this setup is that all the balls are organized into a triangle with the apex one the footspot. The rack is divided into solids and stripes on opposing sides all surrounding the dominating 8 ball. A person must spread the rack to knock down one set of balls to get to the winning, or loosing if knocked in early, 8 ball. This process is the clockwork of the game. It starts as a triangle and balls are pocketed eventually ending the game. When a new game begins the original set of balls will inevitably return to the original and only required position in relation to each other during a game.

A rack exhibits much change as it progresses through a single game. It can be modeled as it does start in the same shape each time. It changes dramatically as the cue ball crashes into any of the outer balls. In an instant balls are scattering quickly all around the table gradually slowing to a stop.

Genius Loci

Genius Loci is the spirit of a place. It is an A place I have been that I found significant is the Sequoia National Forest in California. This is a place like no other that I have been. This is a land of giants. The spirit of this place is from ancient times. To be around one of these giants takes a person to a differant frame of mind. A single person seems so much less significant. I forgot about the city for a couple days, I was in a differnat world here in the land of giants. The spirit of this place itself is hard to pinpoint, though it has nothing to do with humans.

Picture 613.jpg

Some of these giants are over 3,000 years old. They have been around since the beginnings of history. They are the biggest living things in the world. They picture below is one of the bigger but not the biggest in the park. It is hard to comprehend the size of these things without actually seeing them in person.

Picture 614.jpg