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Oppositions around me

In my daily life there are a number of oppostions some of which I would llike to reflect on. As I sit in my bed trying to stay awake long enough to type I realize tiredness could be an oppostion. It is opposite to me being awake which allows me to get my homework done. Gravity is also opposing my mattress. To solve the situation of gravity making my mattress sag some one invented a tool, a bed frame, to support it.
gross mattress.jpg
Check out my mattress, I got a deal.

It seems that everything that is anything, is because of an oppostion. If there were no opposition why would anything be what it is. I found the picture below. It is the sun reflecting off a building behind the camera. It is a phenomena that happens at a certain time each day. It happens because of the oppostion of nature to an environment. Windows were installed to keep out whether. They are probably tinted, judging by the intensity of the reflection, to solve another oppostion of bright sun shining in the building.