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Phenomenon of a Billiard Break

A phenomenon is a is a complex system of things, frameworks and clockworks. A phenomenon that I have seen many times is that of the racking and breaking of a set of balls on a billiards table.

The framework here is a rack of balls. This overall thing, is composed of other things, 15 balls in a triangle and 1 cue ball. For the game of 8 ball this set will not change at the start of the game.
pool table diagram.gif

The hierarchy of this setup is that all the balls are organized into a triangle with the apex one the footspot. The rack is divided into solids and stripes on opposing sides all surrounding the dominating 8 ball. A person must spread the rack to knock down one set of balls to get to the winning, or loosing if knocked in early, 8 ball. This process is the clockwork of the game. It starts as a triangle and balls are pocketed eventually ending the game. When a new game begins the original set of balls will inevitably return to the original and only required position in relation to each other during a game.

A rack exhibits much change as it progresses through a single game. It can be modeled as it does start in the same shape each time. It changes dramatically as the cue ball crashes into any of the outer balls. In an instant balls are scattering quickly all around the table gradually slowing to a stop.