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Math and me

As I look around me I see many things that were designed. All of them incorporate math into them in one way or another. Some in very basic ways like a straight dimension. Hey thats math, pretty basic but it's math. As I look deeper I see more complex designs with more complex mathematics involved.

Cars use a great deal of math in the design process. From dimensions to axle diameters to horsepower, to torque. All the variables must be able to work together for it to function at its best. If one element is overlooked axles may snap, or engines may blow.

Math and design goes a long ways back in history. Math can be used to calculate the minimum needed to accomplish a goal. As structures became larger weapons became larger. To take technology to the next level some calculations must have been necessary. They appear to have got something right in this design.
I also found a company that uses math to make images. I am sure they use some sort of software to make the image but, the soft uses and was created using mathematics. See if you can see the boat below (which uses math in the hull, and sails).

Here are a couple images that are aesthetically pleasing. They appear to be mathematical, likely because of the geometric shapes.
stone rectangles perspective.jpg