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Technopoly is the idea that everything that is invented or introduced changes everything in society. There are intentions that may be clear, along with certain side effects that may happen gradually.
The guitar is one technology that was designed to have a positive impact on society. It was meant to produce appealing sounds and bring joy to people. On the flip side it has contributed to capitalism through encouraging competition through records sales and concerts. Not to say that is a bad thing, but it does happen. It has changed the way people incorporate music into there lives. Maybe it was the record companies that really encouraged capitalism. They were definitely encouraged by this instrument in the age of Rock and Roll.

It has had an impact on be personally for the past few months. The tenant living upstairs from me plays and screeches day and night. He has immediate satisfaction from playing, which I think was probably one of the ideas behind the invention, I believe his roommates do too. Why else would they put up with it? He does not realize the effects is has on others in the area. Many nights I do not get a good nights rest because of this. The sound travels clearly into my bedroom. This causes me to be tired and crabby the next day, potentially affecting others I interact with. I also do not do my work as effectively as I may have if well rested. What if I had the potential to do something for the world and did not achieve it because I missed an opportunity to learn something pivotal this semester. The world could suffer because I didn’t learn because I was exhausted from the guy upstairs pounding out tunes on an instrument design to bring pleasure to the world. Or maybe I should just go have a talk with him.