July 17, 2007

Nickeled and Dimed

I think the idea of the experiement she took on was a great one.; however the way it was done limits the outcomes to that of how much money she can live of and the social experiences at work. I think it is unfair for her to begin with such a large startup amount. She did note in the paper that this was the only way she was able to afford a place to live. She also did not include the monthly cost of a car and insurance. She experienced part of the life of a low income worker but it is impossible for her to truly understand the emotions that the others are going through. One of them was living in a van and showering at the hotel another coworker was staying at. These two did not have the luxury of a startup fund to find a place to live. They did not have a begining to the project like she did.
She did ackowledge some of the problems associated with poverty. I thought it was important that she point out the little things that are characteristic of low income. Like when she goes to lunch at Wendy's and gets the $4.99 all you can eat refried beans. This is almost a full hour of work for some beans. Being on seperate sides of the table form her boss is also true of low income jobs. The managers do not necesarily make that much more money, but they appear to do much less work. They stand or even sit around and make sure the workers are working, They better look lik they are working if they aren't.
Overall I liked the paper she wrote. She hit on some key points that I have experience in my low income life thus far. I think to truly experience the life she would have to do things differantly, most importantly start with less money and maybe even use public transportation. At the same time this was an economic experiement not a social one. I guess that leaves room for a sequal, hopefully.

July 10, 2007

Smells Like Teen Spirit

I am choosing to write about “Smells Like Teen Spirit� because of the influence it had on myself an many of my friends. I think the writer Matt Compton clearly gets across the point that Cobain was “able to so articulately get his point across by being inarticulate.� Compton does so by being repetitive, stressing the point over and over. He really wants the reader to know that confusion is a part of life that Cobain is portraying. By mumbling or screaming mixed messages a person does not know what to feel, or think or even how to act. They feel like an outcast; they want to know what the rest of society is getting out of the song and out of life. When a person is able to get these confused thoughts together they truly understand what Cobain is saying with out clearly saying anything.
This is important to our class as developing writers. It should be noted that there is not a single set way to compose a paper. There certain formats to be applied but there is room for maneuvering within. Maybe a point can be made better by saying it less clearly. One can say many things without actually saying it. By beating around the bush and letting formalities go writing can touch a person by allowing them to bond with the ideas inarticulately put forth.