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paul-nicklen-475.jpg Another reminder that next week, our class will meet on Thursday afternoon (not Wednesday) at the IonE Building on the St. Paul campus at 1:30PM on April 5. The website for Paul's photography is His presentation at TED, which was recorded last year, is available here. It's been viewed by more than three hundred thousand people. We'll have about an hour to talk with Paul about his career with National Geographic and his approach to communicating complex issues to a broad audience. Please come prepared with one or two questions to get the conversation started.

Links related to our conversation on fonts
The scourge of Arial
When you should use Comic Sans
Why you hate Comic Sans
Fonts common to all versions of Windows and Mac
Video: "Helvetica, period!"

April 11
For our class meeting on April 11, please read this article by Michael Alley and Katheryn Neely arguing in favor of adding 'sentence headlines' to visual aids.

Also, please prepare two slides that use text to communicate (1) a concept and (2) a quotation related to the main theme of your Pecha Kucha presentation. I've included the two examples I showed in class yesterday below (click to enlarge).

Lecture 8, Presenting with type.071-001.jpg

Lecture 8, Presenting with type.070-001.jpg

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Hi, there! I watched the lst year presentation of Paul Nicklen. To be honest I couldn't come to the meeting. Can someone give a link from this year?

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