Pecha Kucha!

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"If you want me to give you a two-hour presentation, I am ready today. If you want only a five-minute speech, it will take me two weeks to prepare."
- Mark Twain

Pecha Kutcha is a style of presentation that uses strict constraints to foster creativity and force speakers to be thoughtful about the way they spend their (very limited) time. I've posted the links from today's discussion, along with a PDF version of the slide template for your storyboarding exercise.

Link: Lessons from the art of storyboarding

Remember: Due to Spring Break and an off-week following, our next class will meet on March 28. Be ready with your storyboards for paired discussion!

Line: What, if anything, is Big Bird?

Video: Engage through story

Exercise: Structure your talk using the slide template [PDF]

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