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Just a reminder that Wednesday (April 25), each of you will deliver your Pecha Kucha presentation to the entire group. Please come to class with your graphics (set to 20 seconds a slide) on a removable flash drive. I'll also ask you to prepare a title for your presentation - I'll use that to arrange the schedule for our final session and do a bit of advertising.

Also please bring along a laptop or notebook so that you can make notes on each of your peers. I'll fold your comments feedback into my own so that students can use that feedback to prepare for our second Pecha Kucha session in front of a larger audience.

We're down to our final two class meetings, so we are now entering the final push for our Pecha Kucha presentations. In class next week (April 25), each of you will deliver your presentation to the rest of the group. Please bring in your complete set of 20 visuals and be ready to tell your story in only 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

All of us will provide written feedback on each presentation, and you'll be able to use those comments to tweak your structure or visuals to give an even stronger presentation for the week following. In our final meeting on May 2, we'll throw the doors open and invite people from outside the class to join our audience.

Bring your title
Please remember to conjure up a title for your presentation (even if you are not using a 'traditional' title slide as part of your graphics). I'll use your titles to organize the schedule of talks for our last class and I may include them in a bit of 'advertising' for our final class.

Keep calm and carry on
Finally, a lot of people (me included) find that delivering a presentation is an emotional, as well as intellectual, challenge. At it happens, one of the presentation blogs I follow posted a short entry about dealing with anxiety around public speaking. If you start feeling nervous about your talk, read through 'How to remain calm before a presentation' - it might be just what you need.

Eliminating chartjunk

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April 18
Next week, your assignment is to bring a complete electronic draft (a draft - no necessary your final talk) of your Pecha Kucha graphics to class. You'll use these visuals to deliver a practice talk to one other student in the class. This exercise will help each of us talk through our presentation and test out what ideas work in the constrained format of Pecha Kucha (and which ones maybe don't). Please remember to also bring a timer (either electronic or analog) so that you can tell how well your talk fits into 6:40.

I'd also encourage you to ask yourself: What is the arc (or shape) of my presentation? I've included a link to great video by Nancy Duarte (check out her team's outstanding blog here) explaining how structure and story can help you make a real impact.
Nancy Duarte, Sparkline Overview

Chartjunk links

Chartjunk - all visual elements in charts and graphs that are not necessary to comprehend the information represented on the graph, or that distract the viewer from this information.

As Tufte said 'Above all else, show the data'. Here are a few links to help communicate visual information more effectively.

information aesthetics on communicating data clearly

The problem with pie charts

The Economist argues that charts are 'Worth A Thousand Words'.

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