We are visual animals


Your latest presentation challenge is to prepare a 5-minute talk on one idea related to your research using only photographs as visual aids. I hope this exercise will give you the opportunity to build or extend a portfolio of images that will help you explain aspects of your research in this class and beyond.

Like last week, please upload your presentation files to our shared Google Drive no later than 6PM on Wednesday.

I also asked you to complete three other tasks before our meeting next week. First, please read Garr Reynold's blog entry on 'Brain Rules for PowerPoint and Keynote presenters'. I think the section describing the importance of visuals as memory aids will be particularly helpful when you're putting together next week's talk.

Next week, we're going to build upon Todd's comments about the importance of design. To get read for that topic, please read the story of 'Bill Gates and visual complexity'.

Finally, at the beginning of class, we'll be visited by Mary Hoff, who is the editor-in-chief of Ensia (the Institute on the Environment's online magazine). Mary is very skilled at making science connect to a broader audience, so she's the perfect person to ask about finding the 'big picture' perspective on your research. Before we meet with Mary, please read through one or two articles on Ensia to get a sense of the subject matter and tone of their stories.

Thanks to everyone who's already sent me feedback for the Takahashi presentations. If you're still waiting, please give me your comments no later than noon today.


Does contour plot count for 'photography'?

I meant to ask this for the last one, but can we use fewer than 20 slides (~18), or do we need exactly 20?

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