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Each of you are working towards writing a short report (10-pages, double spaced, not including references, tables or figures) on one aspect of decadal variability. Before submitting your final report on December 11, each of you will have the opportunity to report your progress to your peers during class. As part of this exercise, you also have the responsibility to provide constructive feedback that will help other students improve their final research project.

I don't expect each of you to write extensive and exhaustive comments for each person (that's my job). I do ask that, for each person, you send me one or two targeted questions related to their individual research report.

  • These questions should be relatively brief ( a few sentences or, at most, a short paragraph).
  • It should be possible to address your question by reviewing the appropriate literature or conducting a limited set of new analysis (don't ask to see results from an entirely different project).
  • Ask questions that will challenge the researcher to consider new and interesting questions, but try to avoid posing questions that could be perceived as rude or hurtful (asking tough questions while remaining respectful can be difficult, but it's a skill that can be practiced and improved).

Please send me your comments on each individual progress report no later than 5PM on Friday, November 29. I will remove the identity of each questioner, collate the results and send peer feedback (along with my own comments) before I leave for AGU.

Manabe and Delworth, 1990

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Hi folks,

I just noticed that one of the readings for tomorrow's class may not be included in the package I circulated at the beginning of the course. In case you've had trouble tracking down the Manabe and Delworth paper, the direct link to the paper is right here.

Sorry about my oversight.

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