September 15, 2010: El Niño (readings)


Next week's class with deal with the El Niño-Southern Oscillation, the dominant source of year-to-year variability in the climate system and perpetually a hot topic in paleoclimate.

I promise this will be the only class that has four papers assigned as readings.

The entire group will read a review of El Niño written by Peter Webster and Tim Palmer from Nature:

Webster Nature 1997.pdf

With the Webster and Palmer paper as background, each 2- or 3-person group will be responsible for leading the discussion on their chosen proxy:

CORALS Cobb Nature 2003.pdf

ARCHIVES Quinn JGR 1987.pdf

TREE RINGS Stahle BAMS 1998.pdf

I recommend that everyone at least skim through the other two papers. I'll send out a short list of questions to frame our discussions either later today or tomorrow morning.

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