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Our discussion next week will focus on two terms that are used quite commonly when talking about the climate of the past: the Little Ice Age and the Medieval Climate Anomaly (also known as the Medieval Warm Period). We'll read two review papers that explores each of these concepts and try to sort out whether they help or hinder our understanding of past climate change.

Matthews and Briffa, The 'Little Ice Age': re-evaluation of an evolving concept

Diaz et al., Spatial and temporal characteristics of climate in medieval times revisited

Due on April 11
List of 10 references related to paleoclimate of your study area during the Holocene.
Assignment #2 - The IRI Data Library

Due on April 18
15-minute presentations on Holocene paleoclimate

Due on May 2
A paper, not to exceed 10 pages of text plus figures and references, which reviews the climate history of a single region during the Holocene. Key questions that should be addressed include: (1) What are the most important features of the modern climate in your region? (2) What proxies are available in your region, over the time interval specified? How are they related to climate? and (3) How different were past climates from modern conditions? Why is that important?

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