January 30, 2005

A lot to learn

As an instructional designer, I realized how much I have to learn. I have always been aware of the different phases of design but after reading the required material and attending class I was able to put my actions into words and descriptions. By being more familiar with the process: Define, Design, Demonstrate, Develop and Deliver, I will know where in the process I am. The most important thing I learned is the need to repeat the process. When teaching a class I make changes from one year to the next but something I donít go through the whole process but just parts of it. For example, I am very bad at skipping the Define stage because I already think that I have defined the needs, etc. I should not skip over this stage because the needs of the students may change over the year thus affecting the rest of the process.

Posted by sthielen at January 30, 2005 4:21 PM