February 14, 2005

Recognizing Differences

When deciding on different teaching styles to use in the classroom or even in your own business, the teaching style you choose may impact people very differently, especially if there are culture differences amongst the class/group. This lesson was taught very well in the Iris Daniels Case Study.

There is a big need to do our homework. When we know we are going to conduct a meeting or hold a class that consist of people from many different cultures or backgrounds, it is important to be aware that others may not think the same or react the same to ideas, presentation, etc. In the case study Iris was just not aware that the problems were being caused by the large amount of diversity in the meeting. After Jim told her why she may be having some of the problems she had a better understanding of why there were problems. However, when a person knows there are cultural differences they should respect them and try to accommodate those differences to receive respect and positive feedback.

The world we live in is becoming smaller. It is our own responsibility to become aware of the differences and how we can all work together efficiently and effectively. If we donít become aware then we will face problems like Iris did in the case study.

Posted by sthielen at February 14, 2005 1:48 PM