April 13, 2005

A solution?

This is follow-up from Case Study 19.

What do you feel the solution would be?

I think that Jean and Pat should work closely with each other on the project because of Patís experience as an instructional designer. Because they are both new they can also give each other support as they face the challenges ahead. I feel that the project should move forward. Towards the end of the meeting Harry seemed a little more convinced and because he is the department chair he will have to be one of the first people to get support from. By having his support it will be easier to get the teachers to implement the changes. As for Sam I think it is important to use his expertise so that he feels like he is a big part of the project. The teachers are the ones that need to support this project the most because they are the ones teaching the classes. If they do not agree with the changes or support them then the during the evaluation stage the results may be more negative thus showing that the changes was not successful.

I agree that this is a common case. In fact I have faced situations like this quite frequently this past year because I am new in a position and I am supposed to convince faculty to change some things to help our students. Getting support is a big part of it but also making the faculty feel like they are involved in the decision making is sometimes the most important.

Posted by sthielen at April 13, 2005 8:29 PM