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Giuliani Visits St. Paul Café

Former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani visited Parkview Café in St. Paul this morning. The café was filled with media and supporters during Giuliani’s quick stop.

As the Republican Party’s front-runner in the race for president, he believes he can competitively campaign in all 50 states as opposed to the 20 or 25 states he sees his republican competitors claiming. Despite Minnesota not voting republican in the past 35 years, Giuliani views himself as the only republican candidate who can win in this state as he insists on wcco's website.

After greeting local supporters over a cup of coffee, he briefly addressed the collapse of the 35W bridge saying he would like to stop seeing money go towards “bridges to nowhere? in attempt to prevent such disasters in the future. Startribune covers more information on Giuliani's response to the bridge collapse on their website.

Before continuing on to a private fundraiser, he commented on immigration policy and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson’s candidacy announcement earlier in the week. The Republican National Convention is set to take place in St. Paul September 2008.