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Hurricane Humberto Leaves Meteorologists Speechless

Hurricane Humberto, the first hurricane to hit the US since 2005, left meteorologists without words last Thursday. It grew faster than any storm on record, escalating from a depression to a full-scale hurricane in 18 hours with winds reaching 85 miles per hour. At least one person was killed while more than 100,000 lost power. The damage left behind by Humberto was large considering there was virtually nothing on satellite imagery suggesting a tropical storm on Wednesday of last week, the day before it hit the Texas-Louisiana coast.

Meteorologists are having a hard time finding possible trends on fast forming hurricanes like Humberto since this was such an extreme case and it is not possible to draw conclusions from one instance. Analyzing these fast forming storms would help meteorologists prepare the public, providing them with ample time before the storm actually hits.

LEAD: The lead in the version of this story is a direct lead. It explains what (Hurricane Humberto), where (the Texas-Louisiana coast), when (last Thursday), information that suggests it was a fast forming storm, and also specific numbers on wind speed, how many lives were lost, how many lost power and how long it took to form. This lead is direct and concise, leaving no information untold after reading the first sentence.