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Unique Approach to Youth Crime Finds Home in Minneapolis

The National Summit on Violent Crime in America in Schaumburg, Ill, referenced Minneapolis for its holistic approach to youth violence. This approach views violence among children as a public health issue and a police problem. Officials nationwide believe that the city of Minneapolis may have some answers in the fight on crime in the population of our youth.

Minneapolis has instilled many programs in the past year to "reach out further" to the troubled youth in the community. With help from the truancy and curfew center as wells as local hospitals, the ability to identify at risk teens at a much earlier time is becoming easier.

Police officials from other big cities including San Fransisco and Milwaukee were curious to hear how Minneapolis was reducing their youth crime. As the programs continue to reach out to youth crime in Minneapolis, the crime rates are expected to decline. Many other cities are already catching on to the approach in hopes that it will help lower crime rates in their area.