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Bush Vetoes Health Care Bill

President George Bush vetoed a bill to extend a health insurance program to children of poor working class families. The families that would be served by this program would be families who earn too much to qualify for Medicaid and not enough to afford private insurance. The bill would expand the State Children's Health Insurance Program which would cover over 10 million children. 6 million children are currently covered by the program.
Democratic leaders in congress are outraged by Bush's veto. The bill passed 67-29 in the Senate last week, but fell short of the two-thirds margin needed to override a veto in the House.
The House will vote to override the veto as early as next week. Republican leaders are confident that the President's position will be supported in the House.

The article covering this story in the StarTribune included many statistics about the program and specific numbers providing the reader with an understanding on how vetoing a bill works in the House and Senate. I researched this story from foxnews.com and found a completely different approach to the story. Their article included more about Bush's stance and less about what the program would actually do for working class families and their children. It also quoted many Democrat leaders on their strong opinions of Bush as a president, creating a much different tone in the story. The articles were written from a completely different perspective depending on the audience in which they were aiming to draw.