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Construction Companies Claim to be Misled by MnDOT

Companies who lost the bid for the Interstate Highway 35W bridge project feel misled by MnDOT after the winning design was announced.
Three construction companies are complaining that state officials misled them into thinking that MnDOT wanted the cheapest and fastest solution for rebuilding the I-35W bridge. Lunda Construction, Ames Construction and C.S. McCrossen are claiming that what MnDOT really wanted was a plan that was more expensive and took more time to complete.
These three firms have been working with MnDOT for years. They are wondering how they could have lost since many had previous road contracts with MnDOT including other bridges in the metro area.
The companies filing the protest are represented by Dean Thompson, an attorney in the Twin Cities. They want the public to know that they think they were cheated out of the job.
The winning design was created by Flatiron Constructors, a firm from Colorado. They have never done business with MnDOT in the past.
MnDOT said that all bids for rebuilding the I-35W bridge were given the same information about the project.