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Help to Survivors and Family Members of Bridge Collapse

Legislators began to consider how to help I-35W survivors and family members Thursday at the Red Cross headquarters in Minneapolis.
Relatives and survivors told their stories to a House of Representatives Committee. The hearing began with the state's consideration for creating a fund for families and survivors of the collapse. This fund would be similar to one created by the federal government after the Sept. 11 attacks.
Large medical bills and lost wages have plagued many involved in the collapse. Legislators must come to a decision on what role the state will play in offering compensation to families and survivors.
As time goes on, the frustration of those involved continues to increase.
"It is very maddening to see such an idle response from those responsible," survivor Brad Coulter said.
The funding would come from the state's budget and could also include private contributions from others involved with the bridge.
The next hearing is scheduled for Nov. 15. Legislators will discuss setting up a fund and how it would be delivered.

The StarTribune's article on this topic focused a lot more on personal accounts of the tragedy where as on msnbc.com the story was very short and mainly about how legislators plan to proceed from this hearing. This is mainly due to the proximity of the tragedy and how it affected the Twin Cities.