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Improvements in Academics at Year-round Schools

An Apple Valley school that offers a year-round class schedule says that teachers and parents report increased improvements in behavior and academic scores.
Apple Valley's Paideia Academy is able to have longer breaks between quarters while still maintaining year-round classes. Students attend classes the same amount of days per school year as students with a more traditional class schedule.
Teachers and students at the school say that the class schedule keeps students from forgetting material over the summer. The school principal Chris Pellant says it avoids unnecessary regression at the beginning of a school year.
Traditional schedules with a summer vacation result in the need to review subjects and classroom expectations every fall according to many public school teachers.
Because students still get a break after each quarter, they are ready to come back to school and work hard, Pellant says.
According to the National Association for Year-Round Education, Minnesota has at least 26 year-round schools. This number is on the rise because of the increase of charter schools.
The Department of Education has approved two year-round charter schools in Minneapolis. They will be designed to help improve performance of at risk children while preparing them to get into college.