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Runner Killed by Motorist Near Mankato Campus

A Minnesota State University, Mankato cross-country runner was killed when struck by an SUV during a run, Tuesday.
Catherine Delwiche, 18, was hit head on by 57-year-old Dale Hoechst near the Mankato campus. She had been on a run while teammate Laura Palmer, 18, biked with her. Palmer sustained minor injuries in the accident.
Alcohol was ruled out as a possible cause for the accident. Although Hoechst Lost control of the vehicle, he had no traces of acohol in his system. He sustained minor injuries and was released from the hospital, Wednesday.
Delwiche was a freshman attending Mankato. She had just starting running again this week after sustaining an injury early in the season. She was one of the state's top cross-country runners throughout high school in Glencoe, Minn.

The Startribune, Thursday edition fucused more on Delwiche's personal life of running rather than details of the accident. The reporter obtained personal information from family, friends and other teammates. It made the article more personal, focusing more on the recovery of those affected by her death. Kare11 had a story that was more fact-based and provided less personal information.