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Summer Drought Produces Mixed Pumpkin Crop

Minnesota pumpkin growers are experiencing smaller pumpkins and a small crop this season partially due to the summer drought. Because of this, consumers can expect to see higher prices and less supply when buying pumpkins this year.
Many pumpkins did not make it through the drought-stricken summer. Because of the large amount of rain in the past month, the stems of some pumpkins also began to rot. The combination resulted in a smaller yield.
Pumpkin experts are saying that Minnesota's pumpkin crop could have slumped as much as 50 percent from last year.
Due to the smaller crop, many businesses found it necessary to buy pumpkins from out-of-state suppliers. Retailers have turned to Illinois and Iowa for supplies this year. Illinois had a very healthy crop this year, so suppliers in the state are selling to much of the upper Midwest. Because of the cost of shipping, the overall price of pumpkins has increased.