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University of Minnesota Faces Lawsuit

Jimmy Williams says he was hired by Univesity of Minnesota Basketball Coach Tubby Smith and then rejected by Athletic Director Joel Maturi for an assistant coaching job with the Gohpers.
After quitting his coaching job at Oklahoma State and selling his home, Williams was ready to move to Minnesota when he received notice that he was not being offered the job.
He filed a suit against Maturi and the university Thursday. He wants the assistant coaching job he had been offered as well as damages for costs due to quitting his job.
His complaint claims that the job offer was overruled by Maturi because of a history of violations while coaching for the Gophers in the 1970s and '80s.
The University of Minnesota says they do not owe Williams anything. According to the university, an agreement on employment was never met and the university never encouraged Williams to leave his coaching job at Oklahoma State.
The university denied a request to interview Smith and Maturi declined to comment about the matter.