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Bus Routes to Change on Nicollet Mall

Plans to revitalize the downtown area in Minneapolis aim to decrease the use of sky ways and move traffic onto the street level.
Head of the Downtown Council, Sam Grabarski says downtown will be a very different place in 5 years because of the plans.
The Downtown Council's plan known as "Access Minneapolis" is a 10-year plan to reshape transportation and transit in the Metro area.
Under this plan, by the end of 2009 only bicycles and hybrid buses will be allowed on Nicollet Mall. All other traffic will be moved onto Marquette Avenue and 2nd Street.
Currently, many national chains located downtown are making a lot less sales than their stores in the suburbs.
CEO of Macy's North thinks it would prove beneficial to get all buses off the streets of Nicollet Mall. He also thinks it would help to add more parking in the area.
He compared downtown Minneapolis to Michigan Avenue in Chicago, concluding that more cars will bring more traffic and people to the street level shops.
This is the first time the plan has been presented inn detail to a wide variety of members of the business community.